Thanksgiving and Family Night was celebrated on Friday, November 23, 2018. It was a night for prayer, thanksgiving, reflection, entertainment and nice food.
The program started off with an evening prayer lead by our Achen, Rev. Fr. Paulose T. Peter. Secretary Miss Taimy Thomas welcomed everyone to the function. St. Mary’s Church Choir sang the opening prayer son. In his off the cuff remarks, Vicar Rev. Fr. Paulose T. Peter spoke about the importance of coming together as a church family to express gratitude to God for His manifold blessings. He also said we should be thankful to each other for their support and help in our daily lives. Caleb Palappillil also made an excellent speech on Thanksgiving and how we need to incorporate that concept in being thankful, caring, and sharing not only on Thanksgiving day, but on a day to day basis.
Shauna Jerin entertained the audience with a beautiful presentation of classical dance. The solo songs sung by Mr. Shaji Chacko, Mr. Varghese Abraham, Miss Irene T. Babu were melodious and were well appreciated by the audience. The duet song sung by Mr. Shaji Chacko and Mrs. Beena Chacko also was excellent. The popular singer of the tri state area, Mr. Jemson Kuriakose sang few melodious and nostalgic Christian devotional songs. Akasha George played a beautiful Christian devotional song on the piano. Mrs. Licy Johny’s recitation of a poem was humorous and entertaining. Caleb, Isabella, and Noah also made their first appearance on stage with their songs. The two skits presented by men and women of the church were the main attraction of the evening. Both were well received by the audience but judged by the measure of the applause that followed, women outperformed men. Women’s skit had the advantage of three narrators, Miss Elizabeth Chenkottayil, Miss Irene Babu and Mrs. Merene John. They both did a fabulous job in doing it, and the audience appreciated it as well. As, always our Achen made the audience laugh their bellies out by his collection of classy jokes as he presented the Chiri Arangu. Varghese Plammoottil extended the vote of thanks.
Miss Teena Thomas was the m.c. for the evening and she did an excellent job in presenting the programs smoothly and efficiently. Professional Sound System was Provided by Mr. Aby John- Visual Dreams.