Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam MMVS) is one of the Spiritual organizations of the St. Mary’s church, White Plains and it is the women’s wing of the parish. The success of the activities of the Samajam relied on these members under the leadership of Samajam president and vicar of the parish Fr. Paulose Peter. Usually members meet after the Church with a prayer Bible reading and singing songs. Most of the meetings are presided by our vicar. They concentrate on Bible study and on activities that affect women in the parish and the Diocese. They engage in Bible study and get very involved in Charity work of the parish and the Diocese in USA and countries wherever there is a need. They actively participate in all the activities of the Northeast American Diocese. The members of MMVS look forward to have more activities every year to enlighten the members spiritual needs as well as to help the need.